Accounts Receivable Financing – Bueno!

According to English to Spanish dictionary, the Spanish word “bueno” has about seven meanings: good, kind, well, nice, considerable as in a considerable amount of money, gorgeous and real. As used in this article bueno is used to suggest that if you are in the import or export business, Mexico is a good country to consider with special opportunities for U.S. traders and financing available in the form of accounts receivable financing. Your business can make a considerable amount of money in Mexico.

Mexico has a population of over 103 million people. In January, 2007 U.S. exports to Mexico were over $10.7 billion dollars and imports from Mexico to the U.S. were over $15.3 billion dollars. Products traded included food, beverages, tobacco, lubricants, manufactured goods and machinery. Many U.S. companies have production and assembly operation in Mexico to meet the challenges of global competition with Mexico’s lower labor, utility and overhead costs. Compared to China, Mexico presents less geographic logistical problems with our common border and relative proximity. Mexico has a highly skilled and hard working labor force. The Mexican legal system, however, is quite different from U.S. law where we have a Uniform Commercial Code which has been adopted by all of the U.S. States to regulate commercial finance transactions. Enforcing agreements in Mexico can be problematic. Litigation can drag on for years and judgments are difficult to enforce.

Mexico has a highly evolved and organized legal system. It was originally based on Greek, Roman and French legal systems; today it more resembles a Latin American country’s legal system than the U.S. legal system. Mexico has vast layers of administrative law and a limited body of case law, or “jurisprudencia definida”. Mexican law now recognizes a variety of security devices which allows commercial finance lenders to offer accounts receivable financing with reasonable certainty. To participate in Mexico’s marketplace, it is wise to have a Mexican legal counsel as a part of your team.

One unique Mexican program is the Maquiladora concept and its privileged status. Maquila operations involve the importation of foreign merchandise into Mexico on a temporary basis, where it is assembled, manufactured or repaired and then exported back to the U.S. or to other countries. The advantages of maquila operations are savings in operational costs, waiver of import duties, opportunities to sell goods in Mexico and other legal and tax advantages that are beyond the scope of this article. Mexico’s maquila industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. – Mexican border. These laws are business friendly and many small and medium sized firms have increased their profit margins by manufacturing in U.S.-Mexico border cities.

One example is a fine furniture and wrought iron fabricator based in California that was having financial difficulties because of high labor costs and increasing worker’s compensation premiums. These costs were cut in half by moving production to a maquiladora. Their exponential growth from 30 to 100 employees more than tripled their production and profits. Their sales contracts specified net 60-day credit terms but actual payments collections were closer to 90 days. Accounts receivable financing facilitated the company’s rapid growth by providing liquidity from the purchase of the receivables by a commercial finance company at a discounted rate. Without this cash flow, the company could not have taken advantage of their sales opportunities or produced their products fast enough.

The Mexico factoring financing process is similar to accounts receivable financing in the U.S. A finance company advances about 80% of the face value of the receivable to business owner. This cash is used to pay for materials, labor and overhead. When the invoice is paid to the commercial finance company, their fees are deducted and the balance is returned to the business. In general, a 25% profit on the merchandise is necessary for the financing to make sense.

The bottom line: for U.S. importers and exporters Mexico offers many opportunities for successful business operations. Accounts receivable financing and maquiladoras may enhance their profits. Bueno! Business in Mexico is good.

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Personal Finance – Helps You To Keep Your Finances Well

When you are shopping for personal finance, it happens to be important for you to know what you need. You get choices in between secured and unsecured of finance. Both the modes of accessing the money provision make it feasible to every borrower. Homeowners get lower interest rates, but this form of financing is done on their house. So if you end up in arrears, you could end up homeless. The money provision enables you to keep borrowing or to pay back large sums wherever you require when you require. With the help of this, your car purchasing plan gets easy with your dream drive. In addition to this, the taken amount is repaid at the end of the loan term. You can pay off the expense of your holiday and wedding. And importantly, people can invest the amount to repay their debts and dues.

Financing costs are paid when you applied for it. The cost includes the whole application and approval process. It is required that you may take in mind how much finance will cost. Besides this, you should also know this that there are some factors which determine the amount of the financing. These factors are as:

o your current income.

o your credit status.

o Interest rate of the existing mortgage.

If you want to finance at the lower monthly cost, you will need to stay in your home for several years to gain the cost of financing. Though you can take out the provisions through the other mode too i.e., unsecured form. For that, you do not have to place any of your worth asset as of guarantee for you loan repayment. But, securing such money provisions takes a little more time of yours.

That too is not a big deal anymore. Numerous lenders are going in for this prospect. As a result, it has given rise the existing competition amongst lenders. However, for your fast processing and easy approval, there is an online loan provision too. You can apply for such personal finance online. Only a simple online application form is filled in and in the corner of the day the fund is ready.

Business Finance – Strategic Planning

Whether you are starting up your business or expanding it you will need finance in order to do so. This is especially relevant to new businesses that are just starting up. There are numerous avenues that you can approach in order to gain this start up finance and there are many different forms of it open to you; choosing the right finance that will benefit your business most is the important thing.

There is a saying that states ‘it takes money to make money,’ this applies so much to new business ventures. For your business to become a success you will need a large amount of money to start off with that can be used to get your business set up. This money will be used to buy equipment, pay the rent on your business property, employ your staff and ensure that you have enough stock to get your business going as well as being used to pay the first few months of all your bills.

Two of the main reasons why many new businesses fail to get anywhere beyond the starting point are due to inadequate business capital and poor management skills, which is why raising money is so important in the early start-up stages of business.

Some ways in which people choose to fund their business idea is by using savings, but realistically not many of us have that sort of cash tucked away, which is why we require outside help. You could opt to borrow money from friends or family if they have the financial resources to help you or you could take out a credit card for the specific use of funding your business. All of the financial options that are open to you can be split into two sections, either debt finance or equity finance. Debt finance is classified as being money that is borrowed from varies different aspects. This is finance that is required to be paid back.

Some examples of debt finance include:

o Bank loans

o Credit cards

o Overdrafts

o Leasing

o Asset financing

All of these are the borrowing of money in one form or another and they will require monthly repayments that will have added interest. Most people however use their bank as the first call of gaining start up finance regardless of the fact they are going to end up paying more money back.

There are disadvantages and advantages of using a bank loan to fund a new business idea. However the disadvantages of having a bank loan to fund your business start up far out-weigh the advantages. The benefit of using a bank loan for business finance include being able to organise a repayment holiday meaning you only have to pay interest for a certain amount of time and you don’t have to turn over a share of your profit. The disadvantages however are that bank loans have strict terms and conditions and can cause cash flow problems if you are unable to keep up with your monthly repayments. Also bank loans are often secured against assets and you may be charged if you decide you want to repay your loan before the end of your loan term.
The other form of finance; equity finance, is often more overlooked than it should be when in fact equity finance could be just the answer that your business is looking for. The main forms of equity finance come from business angels and venture capitalists. Equity finance is money that is invested into your business in return for a share of the business. With equity finance the advantages out-weight the disadvantages and equity finance is a lot more helpful to small businesses than bank loans are.

Some of the advantages of equity finance include your investor being committed to your business and intended projects, they can bring valuable skills, contracts and experience to your business and they can assist you with strategy and decision making as well as often being prepared to follow up funding as your business grows. Two disadvantages of equity funding are your business may suffer as you are spending time securing your investor deal and the investor will own a share of your business.

The one thing that you must do when choosing your business start up finance is to use a finance option that is most suited to your business needs.